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wat is scan and check ? give me real time scenarios where
we used these keywords in ur projects?

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wat is scan and check ? give me real time scenarios where we used these keywords in ur projects?..

Answer / sam

Comparator SCAN Base left most
string: length string:length position
of string

The SCAN operation scans a character string (base string)
contained in factor 2 for a substring (compare string)
contained in factor 1. The scan begins at a specified
location contained in factor 2 and continues for the length
of the compare string which is specified in factor 1.
The result field contains the numeric value of the leftmost
position of the compare string in the base string.

The CHECK operation verifies that each character in the
base string (factor 2) is among the characters indicated in
the comparator string (factor 1). Verifying begins at the
leftmost character of factor 2 and continues character by
character, from left to right. Each character of the base
string is compared with the characters of factor 1. If a
match for a character in factor 2 exists in factor 1, the
next base string character is verified. If a match is not
found, an integer value is placed in the result field to
indicate the position of the incorrect character.

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wat is scan and check ? give me real time scenarios where we used these keywords in ur projects?..

Answer / noah

this is used to scan for source codes that match the program
name the developer is looking for. This usually use to check
program dependencies before migration of source code for
integrity check purpose.

This scan function also used for analyze program flows.

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