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If there are 1000 member(PGM type) in a SRC file. How can we
compile in a CL program? ( It need to be done in a loop)?

If there are 1000 member(PGM type) in a SRC file. How can we compile in a CL program? ( It need to..

Answer / abhishek

Please follow steps given below -

Use DSPFD command to take member list of SRC source
physical file into a PF

It will create an OUTFILE into specified LIBRARY having
MEMBER LIST (filed name MLNAME). Now use this OUTFILE into
CL program reading it into loop till EOF(CPF0864) and for
each record, compile program using CRTPGM command.

CRTPGM PGM(&MLNAME) ......etc.

I hope it will

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