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how longs & what conditions will a matter, say for example
U, after an atomic explosion and was converted completely
into energy will again condensed back into a matter named U'

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The chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography is 1 Borax 2 Sodium thiosulphate 3 Sodium sulphate 4 Ammonium persulphate

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Arihant was commissioned on which day?

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Epoxy resins are used as 1 Moth repellants 2 Insecticides 3 Detergents 4 Adhesives

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How does a RCCB work? Difference between ELCB & RCCB?

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Which of the following shows the masses of three elementary particles in decreasing order? 1 Mesons, Baryons, Leptons 2 Leptons, Baryons, Mesons 3 Baryons, Mesons, Leptons 4 Leptons, Mesons, Baryons

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In which year the solar observatory in kodikanal founded?

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Using an applied force of a Newton across one meter is known as a:

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we know in mathematics that a matrix is an arrangement (array) of different elements , memebers . Then, how does the movie "Matrix" relate with this concept. In movie "Matrix" we have seen that it shown a war between machines & humans. And we know to operate machines we need code like 0 1 & 1 0 . How ? explain ?

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Which gas is used in cold store ?

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how is rrb model question paper for science junior engineer gr.II

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