Y go for Interface? What is use of interface?

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Y go for Interface? What is use of interface?..

Answer / purushotham .tella

An Interface is a collection of semantically related
abstract members.Used To Support Multiple Inheritance

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Y go for Interface? What is use of interface?..

Answer / venkat2050

interfaces is in concept of late binding which happen at
runtime which a part in OOPs concept
the interface has indexes of abstact
it should in public

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Y go for Interface? What is use of interface?..

Answer / kiran

We will go for an interface when we want to implement a
specific behaviour.

1.My class x implements IDisposable interface to handle
cleaup operation. I have to implement that behaviour by
implementing the method interface method Dispose()
explicitly in my code.

class x:IDisposable
2.My class y implements IComparable interface to implement
sorting between a list of objects created of type y. Here I
have to implement CompareTo method.

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