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What is Static Testing and Static Test Technics?

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What is Static Testing and Static Test Technics?..

Answer / a sameer

Static Testing:- Testing of a component or system of a
component or system at specification or implementation level
without execution software.
This is used to detect error rather than computer to find

Techniques used in static Testing are
1. Desk Checking
2. Code walk through
3. Code inspection.

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What is Static Testing and Static Test Technics?..

Answer / sripriya

To find defects in software source code and
software models,
Is performed without actually executing the
software being examined by the tool;
It can locate defects that are hard to find in
dynamic testing,
Typically used by developers,
They analyze program code (e.g. control flow and
data flow), as well as generated output such as HTML and
Compilers may offer some support for static
analysis, including the calculation of metrics.

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