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What is Software Testing ?

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What is Software Testing ?..

Answer / siri

testing is an organized systematic process done to uncover
the errors. testing is verifying and validating,if the
software is working as per the specified requirements and

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What is Software Testing ?..

Answer / umair

it is process is to identify correctness, completness under
measuring quality of software application.

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What is Software Testing ?..

Answer / suresh

developers forget the some customer requirements
and forgot the validation also

in software testing tester verify the requirement and
validation has to be done and forward the defets and bugs to the developers

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What is Software Testing ?..

Answer / manoj cr paramathma

The process of verifying the functionality or behaviour of the application against the requirement specification is called as software testing. .

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What is Software Testing ?..

Answer / srikanthpakkirisamy

to find out defect in software product,

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