Grass in lawn grows equally thick and in a uniform rate. It
takes 24 days for 70 cows and 60 days for 30 cows to eat
the whole of the grass.

How many cows are needed to eat the grass in 96 days?

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20 cows

g - grass at the beginning
r - rate at which grass grows, per day
y - rate at which one cow eats grass, per day
n - no of cows to eat the grass in 96 days

From given data,
g + 24*r = 70 * 24 * y ---------- A
g + 60*r = 30 * 60 * y ---------- B
g + 96*r = n * 96 * y ---------- C

Solving for (B-A),
(60 * r) - (24 * r) = (30 * 60 * y) - (70 * 24 * y)
36 * r = 120 * y ---------- D

Solving for (C-B),
(96 * r) - (60 * r) = (n * 96 * y) - (30 * 60 * y)
36 * r = (n * 96 - 30 * 60) * y
120 * y = (n * 96 - 30 * 60) * y [From D]
120 = (n * 96 - 1800)
n = 20

Hence, 20 cows are needed to eat the grass in 96 days.

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Answer / santos

Use 3pt. Formula
( (x-x1)/(x2-x1) )=( (y-y1)/(y2-y1) )
We get 150

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