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what are reviews(eswar)

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what are reviews(eswar)..

Answer / eswar

Reviews means if we send the Test scenarios and test cases
what we prepare that should be send for review to our

Eg: u got the requirement from the client u anlayse and
prepare the document in that Test scenarios and test cases
that should be seniors take the feed back and updated its
like formal discussion of the project what we understand
and what we implement for further

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what are reviews(eswar)..

Answer / eswar

thanks u glamarous

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what are reviews(eswar)..

Answer / glamorous

After the preparation of each document by the testers that
should be sent to the seniors for review. Review is nothing
but the comments (or) feed back from seniors.
Reviews may be done at each and every step.

Analysis review Template

Requirement Analysis for module name(Id)

S.No,Task,Description,Analysis,Date,Time spent(hrs),
Conclusion/What you have understood?,Status
(completed/inprogress), Got any Questions?
Test case review template
Test case review for module name

S.No,What you Reviewed?(Test case ID:xxxxx),Review
date,Time Spent,Status(Completed/In progress),What Comments
you added?,Owner of the test case,Who reviewed?

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