How to do credit card (banking application) security

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How to do credit card (banking application) security testing?..

Answer / rajesh


I guess BVA is Boundary Value Analysis and EP is
Equivalence Partition.

BVA - Boundary value analysis’ testing technique is used to
identify errors at boundaries rather than finding those
exist in center of input domain.

EP - In short it is the process of taking all possible test
cases and placing them into classes. One test value is
picked from each class while testing.

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How to do credit card (banking application) security testing?..

Answer / suresh

Boss What is Your Answer For the Above Question..

Are Your People Able to Understand the Question or Blindly
Giving the Answer

Do Not Do such Un-Necessary Answers
Many People are Learning Testing Stuff From this Answers

If You Do Not Know Answer ..Just Play Audience role


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How to do credit card (banking application) security testing?..

Answer / anand

using of BVA and EP from testing techniques

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How to do credit card (banking application) security testing?..

Answer / kumar

Hi Anand,

Can you elaborate your answer

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How to do credit card (banking application) security testing?..

Answer / usha

Hi Kumar,

BVA - this is called as Build Verification Analysis.

This testing is done when we receive a new build from the
developer for that particular product(credit card) etc.

About EP i too dont no.

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