What is the testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases

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What is the testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases (eswar)..

Answer / rajkumar gholve

Software Testing Life Cycle
1) Test Planning & Control
Determine the objective & scope of project, obtain all
requirements, cost estimations, time estimations, prepare
test plan. Review test plan freeze test plan.
2) Analysis & Design
Analyze requirements, review requirements, identify
test conditions. Start designing test case one by one. Start
preparing test data. Review test cases, freeze test cases.
Once you finished writing down test cases. Prepare a RTM to
assure than each requirement is covered by at least one test
case. Also you can identify test cases that can go for
regression testing.
3) Implementation & Execution
Implementation refers to checking where test environment
is properly in place. Test Data is prepared and free to use.
Follow test procedures written in test cases start executing
test cases. Compare actual results with expected from
requirements document. Log if any deviation found. This
phase can occur for more than once after all the bugs you
rased are fixed.

Reporting & Test Closure activities.

Prepare test summery reports that will give the best
assessment of quality to the stake holders. Reports like
Defect Density, Defect Severity wise, Defect priority wise,
Defect status wise. And forward all reports to stake holders.

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What is the testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases (eswar)..

Answer / madhusudan

Software testing life cycle is testing process.
1.requirements specification
3.Testcase design
4.Testcase Execution
5.Defect reporting
6.Testcase execution (for regresssion&retesting)

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