is script is same like test cases?

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is script is same like test cases?..

Answer / sriharsha

Script : This WORD is used in automated Testing(Like
QTP,WR,Etc). Here We Record and Run the appln or jus type
in the actions to be done in the appln in the automation
tool. The Lnaguage thats displayed wen u record n run or
type in the actions that r to be done is called a SCRIPT.
Usually in WR it is the C Language Format
while in QTP its the VB Script Format

Test Cases : This word is mainly used in Manual testing.Any
Appln needs a TEST CASE.A TC will conatain the action of an
appln.Here we dont have any tool.Everything here is
manual.a Tc contains the following :
Name of the TC
Req no
Mod name
Test Data
Pre condition
Brief Desc
sl no
Expected Result
Actual Result
Reviewed by
Modified by
Last Modified date

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is script is same like test cases?..

Answer / satyanarayana

Script is to navigate the application ...

Test case is validate the functionality....

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