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what is e value?

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what is e value? ..

Answer / debosmita

expectation value.lower the e value more significant is the gives the statistical significance of a match to
signify whether a match has taken by chance alone or not.

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what is e value? ..

Answer / manoswini

E value is the parameter we generally set during BLAST
search (or any local alignment) to avoid the random hits
during database search. Lower the e value more significance
the alignment

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what is e value? ..

Answer / sushmitha

expected value on blast if it is less then the given
sequences are highly similar

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what is e value? ..

Answer / alok(9794713088)

In a BLAST search, an E-Value refers to the Expectation
Value. The number of different alignments with scores
equivalent to or better than alignment scores that are
expected to occur in a database search by chance. The lower
the E value, the more significant the score.

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