How will you select the regression test case?

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How will you select the regression test case?..

Answer / openstc

Regression testing is always done when we have a defect
fixed or there is a change in requirement. And regression
testing is nothing but testing the changed or fixed area as
well as areas impacted due that change or fix. So we will
choose the test cases which are testing the changed or
fixed functionality as well as we will do the testing for
the impacted areas due to the fix or the change.

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How will you select the regression test case?..

Answer / rashmi singh

When selecting a test case for regression testing we should
keep in mind the functionaliy covered in that. All the
basic ans main functionality of the system should be
checked in regression.

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How will you select the regression test case?..

Answer / narendra

Based on the fixed defects and the dependent functionality

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How will you select the regression test case?..

Answer / lucky

Regression Test case selection is depending the below
1. Which functionalities are important for business?
2. Which functionalities are broadly used by the users when
it will go live?
3. What are the basic functionalities visible when the
apllcaition lunched?

The above scenarios/test cases/test scripts should be taken
into consideration which selection regression test case.

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How will you select the regression test case?..

Answer / aparna

Regression testcases can select according main priority
testcase. and Integration testcases will also consider
while regression testing.

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