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Question { 24115 }

How many ways we can parameterize data in QTP ?


We can Parametrize in four ways:
2.Environment Variable
4.ACtion or Test parameters

We can findout first 3 ways through navigation ;
tools--Datadriver--click on parameter button--click on next--click on parameter option icon---Parameter type dropdown we can find out three ways..

Note: before navigation we should have script statements which we want to parameter.

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Question { Millennium, 9370 }

What is the difference between QA and QC?


QA is checking the process.which means checking the process of each and every role in the organization inorder to check whether they are working according to companies guidelines or not.
QC is checking the product.which means process of checking the developed application whether it is developed according to the requirements or not.

Thanks & Regards,

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Question { HP, 11823 }

When we will do Retesting? Only after Bug fixation?Is there
any other case?


In re-testing one will perform testing on same functionality again and again with multiple sets of values.
Re-testing will do not only after bug fixation.It starts from first build and continue up to last build.

Thanks & regards

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Question { L&T, 4867 }

1)what is the quality process in QTP?
2)how to add the .tsr file in qtp through scripting?


Process in QTP:
Generating and Enchancing the script
Debugging the script
Executing the script
Analyzing the script

2. We can do it in two way using scripting
a)Using RepositoriesCollection.Add "Path of the .tsr file"
b)using AOM
set qtapp=CreateObject("QuickTest.APPlicaiton")
set qttest=qtapp.Test.Action[Action Name]
set or=qttest.ObjectRepositories
or.add "path of the .tsr file"
set qttest=Nothing
set qtapp=Nothing


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Question { 9812 }

Can anybody help me by sharing the code for checkbox in qtp
using vbscript.


for example you have 20 checkboxes in a webpage. If You
want check those check boxes. Then

Set oBrowser=Description.Create()

set oPage=Description.Create()

set oCB=Description.Create()

set cboxes=Browser(oBrowser).Page(oPage).childobjects(oCB)
msgbox cboxes.count 'it will display the no of checkboxes
in webpage

for i=0 to cboxes.count-1
cboxes(i).set "ON"

'if you want uncheck use "OFF" instead of "ON"
set oBrowser=NOthing


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Question { 3763 }

how do you invoke the application through QTP?


As per my knowledge we can invoke application in four ways
through qtp
1. Systemutil.Run "Notepad.exe" (i.e path of the
2. Invokeapplication "Notepad.exe"
'this invokeapplication is used for backward compatability
3.set oShell=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
oShell.Run "Notedpad.exe"
set oShell=Nothing
4. In qtp go to-->Automation-->Record and Run setting-->
select web or window and check the checkbox of application
opened by qtp. Below specify the path of the application
and click on ok. When where you click on record button qtp
will launch application automatically.


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Question { 2775 }

what is check point?


Check point is a verification point. It will capture the
expected value in pre execution and capture actual value
while execution. Then compare actual value with expected
value and send results accordingly to qtp results.


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Question { 5975 }

what is difference between calling a function and reusing
an action?


Action and function both are using for reusable purpose.

Action is from qtp side and function is from vbscript side.

If at all any validation need to do in our application then
we go for action.Using function we cann't do any validations

Action can return more than one value using action
parameters whereas function can return only one value.


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Question { Satyam, 3958 }

what kind of erros can be handled with the using QTP?


we can handle ObjectState error,popup window error,Test run
errors and Application crash errors.


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Question { 2513 }

How to load the object repository at run time?


By using
Repositoriescollection.Add "path of the repository"

we can load repository dynamically.


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Question { 3343 }

What is the regular expression for Yahoo mail Inbox?


Go to object repository
slect testobject properties of inbox

For example: inbox (15) you have
then regularize this as follows

i hope it will work.


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Question { HCL, 37533 }

how to use command prompt using qtp?


using "Wscript.Shell" object we can work on command prompt
in qtp.

'create one instance for "wscript.Shell"
set oShell=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
'using run method we can invoke application
'/k this will display command prompt.we can also use /c but
we can not see command prompt.It will disappear after
oShell.Run "cmd /k dir"
'if we want use multiple commands we can use "&"(amp) symbol "cmd /k dir & md qtp"
set oShell=Nothing

I hope it will useful.

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Question { 2501 }

What the genaric function to connect Sql Server using Sql
Server Authentication and Windows Authentication


Function DBConnect(Constr)
set oCon=CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Constr
if oCon.State=0 then
msgbox "connection not opened"
end if
set DBConnect=oCon
End Function

where ever required just call this function and define the
connection string.

ex: set con=DBConnect("Driver=;Server=;database=;user


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Question { iFlex, 3843 }

.qfl extension for which file? where vl use it


.qfl means quick function libray.
it is function library.
Genarally we can create function and save it as .vbs.
in the same way qtp has provided one function library
option . which is avialable in file-->new-->fucntion

we can save a function with .vbs/.qfl/.txt file


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Question { Span Systems, 13257 }

what are the testing methodologies?



I think testing methodologies,methods and techniques all are same i.e
1.Blackbox testing
2.Whitebox testing
3.Greybox testing

Ways of testing means 1.Manual testing
2.Automation testing
Pls Let me know if at all any thing wrong.

Thanks & regards

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