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why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?

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why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?..

Answer / trush

Indian education syatem more base on theirotical knowledge
as where the education syatem of usa gives more preference
to pratical method. the value of us degree is very high in
india.i will get international exploier. so i choose usa.

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why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?..

Answer / rameet

I have the basic technical know how, but that too in
theoretical terms. USA has the best technology which is
recognized all over the world.When i come back to India, I
will be completely equiped in terms of practical exposure ,
by being in contact with people from different nations and
working with the best technology, so USA is my option.

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why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?..

Answer / abc22

India is still a developing country and the education
systen is far behind US. Moreover, Indian courses lack
practical approach and donot offer flexibility in choosing

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why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?..

Answer / mido

I've got the master in my country and I wish to get
involved in more recent up to date techniques to transfere
my acquired knowledge to my students and collegues.

Actaullay I applied in many universities in the world but
this university accepted me in a suitable time

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why you not study in your country? why go for only USA?..

Answer / harsangeet sidhu

US studies are considered most difficult and valuable
studies so that after studyinhg over here we can go to any
other country with 100% job placements

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i had done my MBA and now want to study IELP i got admission for that but my visa had been rejected. what are the chances of getting visa now?

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Why you want to go for usa?

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Is Police Checking Done for getting visa confirmation as that done when we have applied for passport?? If police checking doesnot include personal interview by police officals, then how is police clearance done for getting visa.......... Please reply soon if any one knows

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ihave rejected visa twice and now ihad appiled third time wat the convicing answer ishould give? tanx in advance.

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hi i have got rejected once but still i am thinkin of applyin again for the interview is that advisable to sit for it again

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