What is Test Approach?

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Answer / jimut

Test Approach is the Strategy which decsribes the test
team's approch to test the software both Overall & also in
each phase.It gives better idea for the team to plan and
execute the testing phase with perfection.
Deciding on the strategy is a complex task—one that needs
to be made by very experienced testers because it can
determine the success or failure of the test effort.

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Answer / vivek.gupta

The implementation of the test strategy for a specific
project. It decides how the test strategy will be
conducted for a specific project.It typically includes the
decisions made that follow based on the (test) project's
goal and the risk assessment carried out, starting points
regarding the test process, the test design techniques to be
applied, exit criteria and test types to be performed


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Answer / satyanarayana

test approach mean different type of procedures for testing
the software to meet their requirements

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Answer / basava raju

Test approach is simplified method for testing
projects/products. Each company has a specific approach for
testing applications for each domain. For example abc
company has an approach for testing credit/debit card
payments, the same company will have different approach for
testing retail management packages. Here the main emphasis
is domain specific knowledge and it's application to
testing process.

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