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Can anyone tell me abt how to do the virtual objects and
how to pass input and output parameters in qtp? Plz send
the answer in detail.

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u know the control flow & data flow then what type of testing u want to choose?

2 Answers   Logica CMG,

What are SCORM Standards?

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what is difference between software tester and quality analyst, in fact can anyone tell me what is role and responsibility for software tester,quality analyst,software quality assurance tester,test engineer,test lead,Quality Assurance manager. Quality Control Senior/junior Tester Quality Assurance Automation engineer. Quality Assurance Manual tester. Quality assurance test analyst.  

1 Answers   DS Group, TCS,

Hi QA, Do any QA's give us the detail status of review happening during the entire life cycle (if templates includes it will be very useful for us) ?

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I am a fresher.looking for testing jobs.I would like to know what kind of questions will be asked for freshers for the post of test engineer.

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is possible smart identification through descriptive Programing

0 Answers  

What is Recovery Testing?

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How to start testing after project kick off ???

2 Answers   CTS,

What is breadth testing?

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What is verification?

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Suppose I am testing a web base health care insurance software and I am working in the member portal. Could anyone please give me some example of some common/critical bugs/defects to be found in this software testing process ?

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How do you determine which piece of software require how much testing?

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