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I want to know about satyam manual testing questions

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

What are the different is manual database checking types?

0 Answers  

What do you plan to become after say 2-5yrs (Ex: QA Manager, Why?)

0 Answers   3i Infotech,

After loging the bugs in bugzilla the developer fix the bugs and change the stautus to fixed then the tester verfiy the bug/functionality in application. The verification is going to happen with present version or comming/new version?

1 Answers  

can u explain about iteration model? And what is it?

2 Answers   iNautix,

If developers team doesn't agree with the bug raised by you, what is the next step would you take

8 Answers   IBM, TCS,

Give me examples for high priority and High severity defects?

3 Answers   AppLabs,

What does the tester do in automated testing?

1 Answers  

What are test closure document?

3 Answers  

Find statement coverage and branch coverage: 1) Read P Read Q if P+Q>100 then print "Plarge" endif 2. Disc=0 order_qty=0 Read order_qty if order_qty>=20 Disc=0.05 if order_qty>=100 then Disc=0.1 endif endif

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what is the difference between test senario and test case?

3 Answers   ITC Infotech,

which module ur following in ur company?

5 Answers  

what is mean by extensive testing?

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