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what is the diff b/w bug and defect?

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what is the diff b/w bug and defect?..

Answer / ch.s.m.prasad,kkd

error : A mistake in a coding is called error.

defect : Due to errors in a coding testing engineers are
getting mismatches these are called defects (or) issues.

Bug : these defects are accepted by developers to be
solve then it is called bug.

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what is the diff b/w bug and defect?..

Answer / stefaan luckermans

According to ISTQB:

1) Error is the 'human action' that caused the (see 2)

2) Defect. Defect, fault, flaw, bug are all synonyms, which are visualized by (see 3)

3) Failure. The fact the actual result is not the same as the expected result.

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what is the diff b/w bug and defect?..

Answer / prasanna

bug: during the development period the product error may be
occur this kind of error called bug.

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what is the diff b/w bug and defect?..

Answer / vandana singh

what i know is bug means the deviation from the bug is synonym of defect?

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what is the diff b/w bug and defect?..

Answer / ram mohan

Defect : it is the deviation from the reqirment, it is
rised by the tester

Bug : if the defect is accepted by the developer it is
kown as Bug

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