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TD is web based or client/server?

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TD is web based or client/server?..

Answer / kiran kumar

Hello Xyz and saritha,

Test Director is web based as well as client-server tool.We
can access TD by web browser only.

kiran kumar

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TD is web based or client/server?..

Answer / xyz

First sentence from QC user guide: "Welcome to HP Quality
Center, the HP Web-based test management tool."

Now you judge your answers....

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TD is web based or client/server?..

Answer / xyz

this is with respect to saritha,ur answer is wrong it is a
client server not web based tool...
it will maintain clint server architechure where server is
the database with stores the test information,and client is
qc center machine by which the data stored will be retirved
n the server n client r communicating with active x

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TD is web based or client/server?..

Answer / s saritha

TD is web based tool .Its not client-server tool ,Its like
a client-server tech.

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