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We r developing one Web Site for construction company. In that Web site we have different option like About Us,Contact Us,Home,Sites,Site Map,Search Etc........ and front page of that web application contains 6 different pictures means single page contain 6 pics etc... write Test plan ,Test Scenarios,Test Case ....Plz answer this question ASAP

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In our project, we use Withdrawal Indent, we are confused to use heading as "Withdrawal Indent" or "Withdraw Indent". Please suggest me which one to use ASAP, Thanks in advance

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May i know now-a-days most of the companies are following which model?

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why Can't the system testing be done at any stage in V- Process Model? reasons

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What are the challenges you faced in your project (Testing) and in your company?

0 Answers   Axis Bank,

7. What types of Web accessibility information do you look for on the Internet?

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Hi Everybody ,how can i explain the testing projects in the interview point of time? Please let me know .if it is insurance project, what procedures can i follow ?

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Can any one tell me the format/columns for writing test scenarios in excel sheet?

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when errors occurs in ur script wat will u do

11 Answers   Synergy, IBM,

what is the difference between test strategy and test methodology?

3 Answers   Uniken,

what is security test,what is meant by authentication &autherization

2 Answers   kenexa,

When ever u get a build, what type of environment u can deploy it?

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