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Meaning of Web Application. my doubt is .it is
web application?

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Meaning of Web Application. my doubt is .it is web application?..

Answer / devbanand

In short,Whatever runs in a computer is an application
(ex.Powerpoint,word etc.,)
In general there are 2 types of Application

Standalone Application(that doesnt need any internet
connections) and Web Application(that needs internet

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Meaning of Web Application. my doubt is .it is web application?..

Answer / kiran

An application in which all or some parts are downloaded
from the Web each time it is run. The term typically refers
to the use of Web browsers and Java applets. Web pages
increasingly resemble the interactive behavior of local
applications. Retrieving a Web page may cause the execution
of code in the Web server as well as code in the HTML page
brought into the user's machine. Clicking an icon on a Web
page may cause a Java applet to be downloaded and executed
in the user's machine. is web aplication

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