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what is diff., between bug and defect

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what is diff., between bug and defect..

Answer / jawahar

Bug: Mismatch between the expected value and actual value

Defect : Deviation from the client requirement

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what is diff., between bug and defect..

Answer / chennareddy

ERROR::: It is is human activities of system fault or error

DEFECT::It is miss match between Expected value and present

BUG:::if developer can accepting the defect then it's called
the bug.

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what is diff., between bug and defect..

Answer / sudhakar8

Bug:A catch all term for all software defects or error
Defect:It is “A deviation from specification or standard”
or “Any thing that causes customer dissatisfaction

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what is diff., between bug and defect..

Answer / audi7777

Defect : If the behavior is not as expected w.r.t requirement specified.

Bug:Is something different has come in, which is not present in the requirements as well.

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what is diff., between bug and defect..

Answer / rajendra

Bug: Deviation from requirement is a bug.
Deffect: Defect is the one which wil cause the software
so Bug is Cause for defect
Defect is effect of the bug.

One more thing in real time people use these both terms as
Synonymical words. Majority of people say both are same.

still any one of have doubts regarding this concept feel
free to call or mail me


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what is diff., between bug and defect..

Answer / jamal m. aqib

If any bug found in the software means software error is
exist in the software.
If your software is not working means some defect in your
In Short:
Bug: programming error
defect: software not working

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