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when do you stop testing?

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / sireesha vykuntam

You Can't determine when to stop testing. Now a days
software applications are so complex and should run in a
interdependent environment that complete 100 % testing can
never be done. Few things are there to stop....

1. When bug rate falls to certain level
2. Testcases completed with certain percentage passed
3. Depending on Test Budget
4. Deadlines (may be release deadlines or testing deadlines)

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / sudhakar8

When to stop testing" is one of the most difficult
questions to a test engineer. The following are few of the
common Test Stop criteria:

- All the high priority bugs are fixed.
- The rate at which bugs are found is too small.
- The testing budget is exhausted.
- The project duration is completed.
- The risk in the project is under acceptable limit.

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / guest

all tested have been executed
100% severery bugs are resolved
budget depleated
test schedule

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / ric

Testing should be stopped when all system requirements have
been met. And all outstandng high risk bugs have been

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / pradeep

We need to Priortize the test, when to stop testing. This
should be made at the rearly stage of testing.

As we cant find a application without bug free, and there
is no end to stop testing, so the best practise of how good
the testing can be done is by priortizing what and still
where we need to test.

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / deepshikha

when we completely assure that there is no bug in the
program.this can be done by using bug life cycle.BLC
completely remove the bug from program code

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / kamal

when ever the prodect is less defects then stop the testing.

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / partha

1: when all the test case r executed properly
2:when we hv the maximum test coverage
3:when the deadline is overlaped
4:according to the budget
5:there r no blocker or critical bug
6:there more dan 90% of the test case is pass

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / eugen porumbescu

Testing can stop when acceptance criteria is met

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when do you stop testing?..

Answer / b anil kumar

when acceptance criteria id accepte then we will stop testing.

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