This question is based on ages easy.

This question is based on ages easy...

Answer / gopi_allanku

Thats easy question

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What is the major risk or challenge faced by you as QA analyst other than clash with the developer regarding the defect log.

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when we need testing

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What is policy?

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what is database testing?

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What version of the oracle are you familiar with?

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hi friends ,, i will give a small advice for all of ,, pls send genune answering don,t send half knowladge answers pls pls pls ....... i faced so many problms in interview pannels so pls pls

0 Answers   Synergy,

Hi I am geetha. currently i am working 1 yr exp in manual testing domain. i need clarification about test scenario & test cases & how to prepare test scenario & test cases and also i am struggling how to make sentence...give any example for any web application.

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When should 'regression testing' be performed?

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The later in the development life cycle a fault is discovered, the more expensive it is to fix. Why?

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what are the Most common problems in a web based application in testing point of view?

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Hi do any one has dumps for ISTQB or ISEB exams for august or september exam 2013. Pleae mail

0 Answers   ISTQB,

Which is the current formal world-wide recognized documentation standard?

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