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what are the objectives of performance testing?

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what are the objectives of performance testing?..

Answer / gani - the tester

The objectives of performnace testing are :

* Application Response Time - TIme taken to completes a
* Configuration - The configuration with best performnace
* System Stability
* Regression - effect of new version on response times.
* Capacity Planning - Point of Performnace degradation
* Bottleneck Identification - Finding the reason for
performance degradation

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what are the objectives of performance testing?..

Answer / satish

Performance testing is testing to determine the
responsiveness, throughput, reliability or scalability of a
system under a workload.To find Bottle neck where ur system
to Be Crash

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what are the objectives of performance testing?..

Answer / tanaji gaikwad

-Test the application response time
-Analyse the configuration at which application will give
the best performance
-Test reliability or stability of the system under heavy
work load.
-Analyse the point at which the performance degrades and
-Test system stability in the production environment

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what are the objectives of performance testing?..

Answer / dillesh

The Objectives of Performance Testing are:

Application Response Time:time taken to complete to taken a
task is called Application Response Time
Reliability:How Stable is the system under a heavy work
Configuration Sizing:Which configuration provides the best
performance level?
Capacity Planning:At what point does degradation in
performance occur?
Acceptance:Is the system stable enough to go into
Bottleneck Identification:What is the cause of degradation
in performance?
Regression: Does the new version of Software adversely
affect response time?
Product Evaluation:What is the best server for 100 users?

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what are the objectives of performance testing?..

Answer / mohammed yacoob

Performance objectives are usually specified in terms of
response times, throughput and resource-utilizatione levels
and typically focus on metrics that can be directly related
to user satisfaction.

Some customer expects - Break event point

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what are the objectives of performance testing?..

Answer / xyz

i think it is objectes

depend on the project it will suppose.......
Which objects do u wnat to test performance those will come
under objectives

Banking project ;objects r customertransation,login
page,balance enquire, transfor money,etc

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