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What is your Future Plans for the Company if Permanently

What is your Future Plans for the Company if Permanently Employed?..

Answer / nilesh

To bring it to the right bottom

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How many flows of Events are there?

1 Answers  

On what basis you are fixing up the time for project completion?

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what is the meaning of the negative testing?

7 Answers  

To write the test case for Login Window test condition is 'User must be created'so while writting test case for Login window may I have to write all steps of creating user or how should I write test cases

2 Answers   Infotech,

what is testing?

5 Answers, RealTech, TCS, Value Labs,

what are the base line documents for sit and uat? what is impact testing? what is dynamic testing? what is static testing? what is soak testing?

2 Answers   CTS,

Which is not present in formal review? a.)Facilitator b.)Auditor c.)Author d.)Recorder

5 Answers   Amdocs,

who is preparing PIN document?

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How many process areas are present in CMMI and in what classification do they fall in?

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what is Tracebelity Matrix?

11 Answers   Landscape Technologies,

Who will close the bug and how it is closed..........?

11 Answers   HP, IBM,

Difference between test Plan and test strategy?

2 Answers   PFT,