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write test case for white board marker.

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write test case for white board marker...

Answer / sumit tandon

1. The Marker should be able to write.
2. The marker should be re-usable, you can refill it with

User Interface
3. The tip of the marker should be easily visible, so that
one can easily identify the position to hold it in while
4. The Marker has a bar code which is a unique item code
for it.
5. The Marker has the name of the comapny which has
manufactured it.
6. The body color of the marker should suggest the color of
ink of the marker.
7. The color of the marker should be plesant to the eye.

8. The effort required to use the marker should be minimal,
i.e. one should not has to stress to write something with
9. The Marker should be light to hold, so as easy to use.
10. The Marker can be used to write text, make figures,
color a portion of desired object.
11. The marker should exhibit smoothness while use.
12. The tip of the marker should be round and not flat,
this would prevent putting stress.
13. The marker's circumference should be wide enough to
hold, neither too wide nor too thin.

14. The tip of the marker should be made of a material, so
that the efficiency of using ink for writing should be high.
15. The life of the marker should be optimum.

16. The marker should have a cap to protect its ink from
drying up, when not in use.

17. The marker should be made of a plastic body which
incloses, a cushion soaked with ink, a tip to write and a
cap to cover it.

18. The Marker should be able to write on paper as well as

19. The marker should not break if dropped.
20. The marker stops to work if used on a rough surface for
some time.
21. The marker can be used to hit someone.

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write test case for white board marker...

Answer / adi

To touch up to the helpful hints provided by the gentlemen,
one should also check whether the marker is "easily
erasable" or not.

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write test case for white board marker...

Answer / peter piyush

1. check the physical dimensions.
2. Check the logo and name of the company.
3. Check the colour of the marker.
4. Check that marker should open and close properly.
5. Check the grip.
6. Check that ink properly filled in it or not.
7. Check that it is working(writting) properly or not.
8. Check how much marker write.
9. Check it on different types of paper and other things.
10.Check the colour of ink.

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write test case for white board marker...

Answer / sara

1. first i check the basic functionality of the marker
this is marker is written r not
2. boundary Value Ana
marker lib present in correct position or not
2a. check whether the marker cap diameter
2b. check whether the marker open or not
3. check whether Marker outer color as per the req
4. check whether Marker inner color as per the req
5. check whether the marker height as per the req
6. check whether the marker width as per the req
7. check whether the stress of the marker
8. check whether the look as per the req

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write test case for white board marker...

Answer / nikunj pitroda

Negative TestCase for the White Board :

1. User should remove fonts from white board after some times.
2. White marker is not used in the White board.
3. If Light is near to White board then, sometimes user can not read from the desk.
4. User should fill up the sign every fixed times.
5. User can not use heavy(so Dark) Marker Pen on the white board, otherwise font will spread after some times.

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