is test case required to be baselined?

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How to test Webservices and how can we write test cases for that

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For how many days (or) weeks you will test a product or software?

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write a test case for triangle?

3 Answers   HCL,

What is a test case?

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This part of a program is given: WHILE (condition A) Do B END WHILE How many decisions should be tested in this code in order to achieve 100% decision coverage? A. 2 B. Indefinite C. 1 D. 4

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How to write test cases for payment gateway.

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test cases for bus transport (TNSTC)

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What we do when the Requirements are continuously changed?

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how to write test case for GUI testing and tell me in brief about GUI and all related WEB based testing..if possible then pls give example of its test case...m new in testing........thannx for help in advance

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How does one write Test Cases?

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How many test cases are necessary to cover all the possible sequences of statements (paths) for the following program fragment? Assume that the two conditions are independent of each other: if (Condition 1) then statement 1 else statement 2 end if if (Condition 2) then statement 3 end if A. 2 Test Cases B. 3 Test Cases C. 4 Test Cases D. Not achievable

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Write few functional & non-functional test cases for a payment gateway system

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