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Define Requition?

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Define Requition?..

Answer / g s n murthy

requisition is a doc where the purchasing is iniciated

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Define Requition?..

Answer / sandeep k mohapatra

it is an internal request redge by am employ or an
inventory organisation for the requirment of material for

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Define Requition?..

Answer / pawan dua

Requisition is a structured method of request for procuring
Services or Goods. This request can be generated by any
User in the organization and submitted to Buyer for
Procurement. Requester can clearly define its need;
quantity; tentative value and date by when it is required.
It this project based requirement, it can be validated
against project budgeting. One can also say that this is an
internal process for submitting request to the buyer to
initiate the procurement; by eliminating verbal risks or
backing out verbal instructins.

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