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Use of automatic offset method?

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Use of automatic offset method?..

Answer / 7090623881

automatic off set method you can create multiple liability lines ,that away all balancing segments should be debit equal to credit ,

we have 3 types is there, such as
like 1.none 2.account 3. balance------these options there will show payable options is there

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Use of automatic offset method?..

Answer / cnubandi

If you enter an invoice for expenses or asset purchases for
more than one balancing segment, you might want to use
automatic offset method to keep your payables transaction
accounting entries balanced.
If we enable balancing as a automatic offset, payable
builds the offset GL account by taking the balancing
segment value from the invoice distribution and overlaying
it on to the appropriate GL account, i.e liability account
from the supplier site.
If we enable account as automatic offset, it takes the
opposite approach with one segment being retained from the
default GL account and all other segments being retained
from the invoice distribution

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