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Accounting Methods?

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Accounting Methods?..

Answer / jairaj eluvathingal

Accounting Methods.
1.1 Accrual Method
1.2 Cash Method
1.3 Hybrid Method (not allowed by AS, but you can see these
method in practice in small setups)

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Accounting Methods?..

Answer / kis

1.standard Accrual
2.Standard Cash
3.Encumbrance Accrual
4.Encumbrance Cash
5.United State Federal

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Accounting Methods?..

Answer / latha ummalaneni

Accrual method and Cash method.

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Accounting Methods?..

Answer / priya pusp

Correct Answer is by Jairaj Eluvathingal .

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Accounting Methods?..

Answer / prasad

Accounting Method defined in Oracle of 2 Types

Standard Accruals Method - for Future accounting purposes
which is due in that accounting period for payable.

Standard Cash Method - For accounted in the same period of
expending in nature as per AS.

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