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where exactly we can't do the automation testing. give some examples

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where exactly we can't do the automation testing. give some examples..

Answer / pavan

2.GetRoProperty----we can get values from runtime using
this method..
msgbox a
dispaly the value in that text..
GetTopropetty---we can get the values from that object
msgbox a
that is run time....

3.Qtp 9.0 merge the repositories in RepositoriesManager
option...2or more we can merge

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where exactly we can't do the automation testing. give some examples..

Answer / andy

We can not do the automation testing for the following
1. For the newly build application
2. For Smoke Testing of the application
3. For the application to be tested only once
4. For the application which has to be tested in rush time
5. For UAT

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