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what is automation life cycle?

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what is automation life cycle?..

Answer / devbanand

General Automation cycle irrespective of any tool,

1.Start Recording

2.Start Application


4.Close the aplication

5.Stop recording

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what is automation life cycle?..

Answer / u m rao

To begin with Automation candidates(test cases for
features/modules that needs to run frequently) can be
identified using ROI or any other technique or priority that
is specific to your Organization. Typical test automation
life cycle can be as follows:
1) Generation of Test Scripts > Start Recording Feature of
automation tool that you use > Perform all actions that are
required for you to execute > Stop Recording
2) Optimize the test scripts > Run through the script
generated by tool, identify the common code that is reusable
and make it is a function/method and arrange these methods
in appropriate packages. Place proper verification points in
the test script to evaluate the Pass/Fail criteria for each
of the test case.
3) Maintenance/Fine tune the test scripts as per new build
>> Once you get the new build, run the test scripts using
playback to see any adjustments to be done so that all your
test scripts run properly
4) Execute, Analyze & Report >> Run test scripts in every
successive build (at required intervals in the current build
to ensure continuous functioning of all the features),
Analyze the test results for accuracy and Report appropriately.

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