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(165)2 - (164)2 =

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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / ram

it is in the form a2-b2
therefore (165+164)(165-164)

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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / sarika

Answer = 329
Let us consider this sequence
(2)2 - (1)2 = 3......=1*2+1
(3)2 - (1)2 = 5......=2*2+1

so (x+1)^2 - (x)^2 = x*2 +1
(165)^2-(164)^2= 164*2+1

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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / sandhya patel


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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / sathish


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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / danial liaqat

(165)2 - (164)2 =
let the equation be equal to zero
(165)2 - (164)2 = 0
(165)2 = (164)2
Taking square root both sides
165 = 164
165 - 164

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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / kensaikenai

Ram, Sarika and Sandhya Patel , are u guys retarded?or you eat too much egg tarts?

(165)2 doesnt mean 165^2
(165)2 = 165 + 165

so answer is 2, as simple as tat, who got 329 should go bang their head to the wall

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(165)2 - (164)2 = ..

Answer / raviteja900

i dont know why this is so complicated question....

answer is so simple..its just 2.

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