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  • Mafoi interview questions (9)

Mafoi Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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what is the basic difference between accounting and financing?

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If a company X selects you there and then itself and you join the company, After 15 days Company Y (a bigger company than X) who you had earlier given an Interview asks you to join them, and also offer you a bigger salary and Incentives, What will you do?

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You have done MBA in 2006. What you were doing for last two years ?


Tell me about ur's favourite place in hyd

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Speak for five minutes about hyderabad

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What is Working Capital Management ? Give the formula for it

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What are Accounting Concept?

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What is Suspense A/c?

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i am from bpo sector and have a intervirw with ocwen financial corporation for bpo job so what kind of questions i can expect there


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26). how will know do written test cases are sufficient to validate application of functionality? 27). how will you prepare test data to validate input object? 28). explain defect status? 29). how will know whether the developer accepted you defects or not? 30). explain acceptance test? 31). explain when we stop testing? 32). explain scope of your project? 33). in which module you conducted testing? 34). explain defects which you found in that module? 35). if defect is not reproducible then what information you will provide to developer 36). if developer is not accepted your defect then what you will do?


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Mafoi Interview Questions
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