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I ahve my visa stamping on first week of Dec at Chennai
consulate. My Consultant said there is no need of client
letter and we can alywas tell we will go and search for the
project there ie i do not have any client letter.

Can anyone please tell me if they have got visa stamped
through this way.

Any suggestion/advice welcome.

Thank u all.

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HI, I ahve my visa stamping on first week of Dec at Chennai consulate. My Consultant said there ..

Answer / vinidimple


Please try to get a client letter from your consulting
company.What ever your consultant may be right but you wont
get enough time to convince them .Dont tell that you will
search job there.Try to get the letter and a happy stamping


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HI, I ahve my visa stamping on first week of Dec at Chennai consulate. My Consultant said there ..

Answer / pintu

Dont ever say " I will go and search for jobs/project" you
will definitely have problems. Always try to present with
proper details other try getting them and postpone the
interview - A safe bet.

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