Explian equivalence partioning with anexample?

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Explian equivalence partioning with anexample?..

Answer / yogeswari

When We have an requirement which has a large class of data
split the large class into its subsets
For Ex:
Sal 10000-45000
Here this is the large class of data
equivalence partioning -->take inputs from the below sub
classes such as
less than 10000 (invalid)
between 10000 and 45000 (valid)
greater than 45000 (invalid)
Instead of choosing values from the large set of
information split the inputs into both valid & negative
inputs that becomes a subset. this technique is equivalence

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Explian equivalence partioning with anexample?..

Answer / suresh.chaluvadi

check out the url

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Explian equivalence partioning with anexample?..

Answer / rs

Equivalence partioning is a method of writing test case in
the black box technique.Usually two invalid inputs and one
valid input. e.g. Writing test case for a range Rs.1000 to
RS. 2000.

Valid Test case : 1500 (In between the range)
Invalid test cases : 800 and 2400 (one value- Less than
lower limit and higher than upper limit)

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