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Why do u have so many backlogs ?

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Why do u have so many backlogs ?..

Answer / pratap

I was not focussed during initial years of my under graduation studies. Later on with the support of my family and friends and with the guidance of my professor xyz i have realized the importance of studies and then cleared all my backlocs.

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Why do u have so many backlogs ?..

Answer / abhishek yadav

i was busy in preparing for my mains papers thats why i was
not able to clear my back logs

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Why do u have so many backlogs ?..

Answer / jsd

Just a suggestion. I read some of the answers to the
questions. I found out that his or hers English is
terrible. Please do not post it if your English is not good

Thank you

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Why do u have so many backlogs ?..

Answer / najju

during my cricket tournaments d exams are near. first i will
concentrate my game then after exams thats d reasons for my

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Sir,i am pooja.i had 15 backlogs during mca.but I finished all subjects with in the academic duration with 70%(by 3 rd year).am I eligible to write gre and toefel.if I get good score can I get admission in good unversity?are my backlogs impact on my admission or visa?plss suggest me.

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hi iam saikiran my betch percentage is 56% of 24 backlogs og gre 860 ,ielts 5.5 ,i will get visa or not please give me some suggestions

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do i stand any chances after second refusal for f1 visa for third attempt.

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hi guys........ will there be any problem at the interview if we are going for low grade university

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hi..i am jalark patel..i got admission from fdu university.i am a dentist..i got refusal in visa twice..they r considering me as an potential immigrant as my sister is there on H1B status..they rejected me under usa immigration law 214 i m lilbit confused wat to do next???????is there any hope still alive for me to study there??? in interview that lady officer directly rejected me after hearing that my sister is der on H1B..i have a gud academic as well as financial background plus indian ties r gud but somehow they didnt give me visa..wat r dey wanting?? please suggest me as soon as possible..if it so den do v have to believe now dat if ur brother or sister is working there then u cant go there??? help me asap..waiting for kind reply..thank you..

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Sir, I got i-20 from coleman college san diego. I don't have TOFEL/GMAT scores as I am applying for MBA program please suggest me how can i covince visa officers

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We two bulb in sires (100watts and 60watts).then which bulb havey light

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Q.32) (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?

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I had 5 backlogs and i said i had 3 backlogs.lied to visa officer about the backlogs.luck was not on my side he asked my marks sheet and he came to know that there are 5 backlogs and he asked me...i explained him that according to our university we can takeoff 2 subjects which is true and vo is slightly convinced but not sure he continued interview ...should there be any problem if i apply second time.

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i Have Given IELTS 6.5 and NOT GRE or TOEFL and got I_20 from two universities and my VISa date is 3 june.will I get the visa???

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hi frnds this is naresh.i have some doubts on visa questions.i hv 72% in my,and 103 toefl score,1050 GRE.but i was spnsred by my uncle(not parents).Is there any chance to reject visa by this.pls let me out of this frustations by giving ur valuable suggestions.thank u

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Why did you choose US ?

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