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how much chance i have, if iam not submitting the TOEFL

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how much chance i have, if iam not submitting the TOEFL score?..

Answer / ketan

With out Toefl above (79) and Gre Above(1100) or Gmat above (450) you cant able to get admission in reputed university, and some time your visa will refused. but very very few people get visa with out any exam at common university, but in interview officer may ask about entrance exam if you are not given it, will create negative image.

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how much chance i have, if iam not submitting the TOEFL score?..

Answer / u.s.

score doesn't matter's if u have I20 of well reputed

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hi i m rahul.i hav completed my 10th standard in the year of 2002 then after i stop my study and involved in agriculture with my dad.i joined intermediate in the year of 2007 and completed my intermediate with the 1st i am willing to continue my study and would like to go to usa for study.i hav ielts with the score of 7.0 question is my education gap in the past affect the visa interview or not?and what shall i do to cover my education gap?what shall i reply to visa counseller if he/she ask me regarding to the education gap?i m looking for any support from all of u guys over there.please suggest me something.

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

i have face two rejection,i am a arts student who did his masters in public administration, during visa interview i was nervous, i gave wrong information to inteviewer, is their is any possibility of us student visa guide me plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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What are your plans after graduation?

11 Answers   US Consulate,

What Type of questions i will get?????

1 Answers  

Is it necessary to show the Toefl and GRE Scores in the interview?

3 Answers  

Why have you chosen this university?

14 Answers   Activemike Technologies,

I was at an interview, and Im not sure if they always say they need to verify your I-20.. It has been a while from now, so does anyone know about this??

2 Answers  

Which type of counseling provide in your college?

0 Answers   US Consulate,

i guradated from high-school in 2004, i applied in a college here, but i didn't continue my study, i succesed only in one semster in college here, i quit this month, and i'm applying for F-1 visa,i'm self-sponsor because my father is retired, what would i say if they ask me what were you doing ll this time? and how could you support yourself? PLZ HELP ME BROTHERS.THANKS

0 Answers   US Consulate,


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why are u go to usa?

2 Answers  

i got rejected on dec 8th first,,dey said income source n all that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when everything was well enough,,and again today on dec 17th..i got rejected..that guy said student intent to study is not seen, what on earth am i to do?...and i have again tried my luck for the last time. its on dec 29th..anyone please can help me with this? if i was not intended to study why would i be trying and trying/

0 Answers  

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