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why do you choose this company?

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / akshaya kumar mohanty,driems(2

because this company gives better opportunity for the freshers to impliment their theoritical knowledge in to pratical world

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / mandy

Firstly,i believe in the strength of your company.Secondly,i knew some about outstanding achivement about you.Thirdly,i think you have good reputation and rich experience in industry.This will help me improve knowledge and skills.

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / ramakrishna

i have chosen  this firm:as, it is exclusive place for innovation and more concern on customer sate. More over,  it is the gigantic and one of the renown among multi-national firms, and job secure for long time as well. This company has many international relationships. One of the fascinating thing is, we can switch from one technology to other technology, promotion, opportunity to chase the good position after long work experience. 

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / santosh kumar chaurasia

choose yore company because i get a plateform to improve my
commnication skill an personality.Also your company provids
est remuniration

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / anu k philip

as am a fresher ,i feel that if your organization offers to
start up my career its a dream come true to me.

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / baba

Since u r the recruiter and i am applying for it..


Its purely for my career growth..

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why do you choose this company?..

Answer / tauseef ahmad

choose your company because i got a platform to prove my
talent in a growth high level.And 2nd one this company very
near from my home so i choose this .

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