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why we need a test plan

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / posa

"Without good plan no work is sucess".Every sucessful
project begins with a sucessful plan. so in order to test
an application in a step by step manner we nedd a plan,
that we call it as test plan.
1.If we create test plan,we can utilize time and resources
in optimization way and we get output in best way.
2.Test plan will smoothen the testing process.
3.Test plan will give idea on application to the test
a.what to test.
b.How to test.
c.Whom to test.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / batchu

• Test Plan

A document describing the scope, approach, resources, and
schedule of intended testing activities.

its requires in identifies test items, the features to be
tested, the testing tasks, who will do each task, and any
risks requiring contingency planning.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / deepa

Test Plan - Test Plan is a high level document that defines
abt the testing project so that it can be properly measured
and controlled.It also defines the Test strategy,organic
elements of testing life cycle and also includes resourse
planning,project schedules and test reqs.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / meha

Hey , I just explain Test Plan neccesity in an example.

To construct a building a planning is must. Planning is
needed to make structured and authorized contruction of a
build. Plan will tell the optimum utilization of the
resource(land,bricks,cement,iron rods,stones,human
resource).It gives a predefined view of a building before
making it in real. If you are not confortable after the
plan , you can do rework and re-plan the thing which you
need finally .It reduce the waste basically.

Like that Test Plan is essential before drafting/creating
or preceeding with the actual setup(Creation of Test
Cases,execution, defect reporting)
It shows the scope of the testing and dependent parameters,
risks,Test Environment, Test Approach, Fuctionality and
even non fuctionality too.
Cut and shout the Scope of your testing.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / nagesh

To make proper plan of testing like schdule, resource
identification, identifying staff, defing roles &

Correct me if i am wrong.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / chitra b n

Test plan is required to smoothen the process of testing as
it involves analyzing the objectives,standards and
methodologies,resources required, including necessary
training,roles and responsibilities of the team members and
tools used.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / vijaya bhaskar

for test enggr, to write test cases....
1) he should thourough with the requirements of the
2) should able to test the most visible areas(for the
client) of the product/application,
3)should has to know the standards of the application and
how to test them,
4)should know the test cases that needs to automate
5)should have the idea of optimum resource usage for
testing based on test run.
6)should know the release time of project.
and so many.....

for all these things, TESTPLANE is acts as a Guide for the
test engineer
hi viewers nothing is new in my answer...

correct me if I'm wrong....

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / kranthi reddy

We create a test plan because we want a document that
describes the objectives, scope, approach and focus of the
software testing effort

We create a test plan because preparing it helps us to
think through the efforts needed to validate the
acceptability of a software product.

We create a test plan because it can and will help people
outside the test group to understand the why and how of
product validation.

We create a test plan because, in regulated environments,
we have to have a written test plan.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / shehnaz

Test plan allows the QA team to decide upon 3 factors:-
1)What to test?
2) How to test?
3)By whom?
The test plan answers these 3 questions and provides with a
plan, schedule on how to acheive it.

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why we need a test plan..

Answer / edeprabhakar

Test paln: a test plan is a strategic document which
describes how to perform testing in an approriate manner.
without test plan there is no proper guidence to do the
it is prepared by the test lead.

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