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write the test cases for pen

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / pankaj behl

Verify whether it is able to write or not
Checking how well it writes on different quality of paper
Try to open & Close it to verify whether this functionality
is working fine or not
Checking how well it writes i.e. it's smoothnes while
Checking whether it's ink gets leakage while writing
Checking it's writing quality after fell onto floor and

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / guest

1. r u able u write
2.nib is strong or not
3. upto wht volume it can write
4. how is its grip for user
5. upto wht temp it can write or ink don't get freeze or

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / rekha rajora

1. Check whether the pen is of expected ink or not(red,blue.
2. Check whether the pen is of expected quality(dark or
3. Check whether the pen is of expected Brand or not.
4. Check whether the ink is full or not.
5. Check whether the pen can write on all quality papaers
6. Check whether the point of the nib is fine or not.
7. Check whether the pen can be open or not.
8. Check whether the pen can tick in my pocket or not.

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / kanda

i)Check whether Pen Writes or not
ii)Check How it Writes
iii)Check Is ter any Leak
iv)Check whether it is Userfriendly or not(For Grip)
v)Check the Colour of Ink in that Pen
vi)Check for the Nib of the Riffle

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / k.chandra sekhar

a) Verify the good company pen or not
b) Verify the cost to that pen reasonable or not
c) Verify the good color or not
d) Verify the suitable size or not
e) Verify the body of the pen color and cap color same
or not
f) Verify the good riffle have or not
g) Verify the that riffle full ink or not
h) Verify the when write the nice or not
i) Verify the that riffle ink full useable or not
j) Verify the reusable or not after over the riffle
k) Verify the all environments it write or not
l) Verify the when fell down the water after work or
m) Verify the when fell down the ground have minimum
security or not

K. Chandra sekhar
Ph no 9951458189
I am taking the live project class

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / shivesh sinha

For Any testcase writing, first of all we need to divide
testcases in different logical group. Like Functional
group, UI, Performance ect..

So, Based on that TCs will be as

Functional TCs
1.> Pen writes or not.
2.> Quality of writing
3.> How pen works under extreme condition like under
pressure, high temp.
4.> pen is reusable or not.

Other set of testcases will be come for how it
looks and physical description of pen etc..

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / raman

1. Verify the ink color can judge frm pen Cap.
2. Verify the grip of pen.
3. Verify it works on glass.
4. Verify it works on oil paper.
5. Verify it works on rough paper.
6. Verify it works on fine quality paper.
7. Verify its nib tip is writting good.
8. Verify the Volume of ink.
9. Verify the leakage near tip.
10. Verify the leakage on opposite side of tip.
11. Verify the reffile is changable.
12. Verify the color of pen according to ink.
13. Verify the grip of cap.
14. Verify the strongness of tip of pen.
15. Verify the length of refille according to pen length.
16. Verify the tip is visible during writting.

Thanks & Regards,

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / deepali

Most of the points are covered above.
I would like to add one more..
Check if it is easily available in market.. in case if the
nib breaks or gets damaged are we able to get another in
the market easily.. if not we will require to purchase
altogether a new pen..
Please let me know your thoughts...


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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / hemant

1.check whether the ink of the pen is what customer need
2.check whether the pen is suits to pocket or not
3.check whether the color of the body of pen suits to the
color of the cap
4.check whether pen writes even after dip into water
5.verify the ink by dropping water on the sheet
6.verify whether pen will write after somedays without using
7.check whether the shape of the pen is comfortable to write
8.check whether the tip of the riffle is what they have
9.check the color of the ink in the sense of dark or light
10.check the usability of the ink, like nice paper, rough,
plastic, metal etc...
11.check whether the riffle is refillable or not

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write the test cases for pen..

Answer / vids

We can write following tyes of test cases for pen:
1) Functionality of the pen
2) Usability of pen
3)Compatibility of pen with different kind of papers and
4)Look and feel of pen
5)Installation and uninstallation testing
6) Relibility testing

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