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what are the prerequisite conditins to test clientserver
and web applications

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what is bug tracebility matrix and it's formet?

2 Answers  

Could any one tell me about 'Deployment Testing'?Who will use this and when? Thanks In advance.......... Regards, MurthySharma.Manchella

2 Answers  

1.What is Traceability matrix and how it is done ? 2.What are the different levels of testing used during testing the application? 3.What is Traceability matrix and how it is done ? 4. How can you differentiate Severity and Priority based on technical and business point of view. plz do reply..............

3 Answers   AZTEC,

What is industry standard for code coverage numbers?

1 Answers  

Hai can any one tel me what is Concurency Testing?

4 Answers  

You may undergone many projects. Do all the projects match up with customer’s expectations?

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Can you explain the process areas?

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write test cases for scenario of 'remember me' check box for log in screen.

4 Answers   Fiserv, InfoPlus,

Write the three important scenario or test cases for Air conditioner.

2 Answers   STG,

Can any one explain the all types of testing in detail with aim of the testing,purpose,Person Doing,entry criteria,exit criteria,Documents required.....its very helpful for me..if possible send it to my mail id

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How did you do unit testing in your project?

0 Answers   QuestPond,

what are functional and non functional requirement of SRS document..

6 Answers   Logica CMG, Sharp,