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Give an example of high severity and high priority bug, and
low severity and low priority bug.

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Give an example of high severity and high priority bug, and low severity and low priority bug...

Answer / eshwar

Hi Sriharsha,
Although you have answered correctly,
U have not read the question properly.
I.E Question was for High Severity,Priority Low Severity,
Q.High Severity High Priority
Ans:-If there is a functionality of Calculator Pressing 2+2=7
then severity is high at the same time priority is also high.

Q.Low Severity Low Priority
Ans:-If the Font Size of the text from one page to another
page is varying slightly then we can say it as Low Severity
and Low Priority.

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Give an example of high severity and high priority bug, and low severity and low priority bug...

Answer / sriharsha

1]High Severity And Low Priority----If there is an
application , if that application crashes after mulple use
of any functionality (exa--save Button use 200 times then
that application will crash)

Means High Severity because application chrashed but Low
Priority because no need to debug right now you can debug
it after some days.

2]High Priority And Low Severity---- If any Web site
say "Yahoo" now if the logo of site "Yahoo" spell s "Yho" -
---Than Priority is high but severity is low.

Because it effect the name of site so important to do
quick ---Priority

but it is not going to crash because of spell chage so
severity low.



1. Bug causes system crash or data loss.

2. Bug causes major functionality or other severe problems;
product crashes in obscure cases.

3. Bug causes minor functionality problems, may affect "fit
anf finish".

4. Bug contains typos, unclear wording or error messages in
low visibility fields.



1. Must fix as soon as possible. Bug is blocking further
progress in this area.

2. Should fix soon, before product release.

3. Fix if time; somewhat trivial. May be postponed.

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