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The metallic constituents of hard water are

1 Magnesium, calcium and tin

2 Iron, tin and calcium

3 Calcium, ,magnesium and iron

4 None of these

The metallic constituents of hard water are 1 Magnesium, calcium and tin 2 Iron, tin and calci..

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(3) Calcium, ,magnesium and iron

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why ammonia cylinder getting icing outside of cylinder when it approx half or less than it...??

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Chemical formula for water glass is 1 Na2Sio3 2 Al2O3 3 NaA1O2 4 CaSiO3

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tea will coll most easily in a:

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The human skull rests on which bone? a)Manubrium b)Atlas c)Mandible d)Sternum

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A moderator is used in nuclear reactors in order to 1 Increase the number of neutrons 2 Decrease the number of neutrons 3 Slow down the speed of neutrons 4 Accelerate the neutrons

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Please can someone tell me, how many times during a 12 hour period, do the hands of a clock face opposite each other? I believe its 11. Also, would this be the same, no matter WHAT the starting time? i.e. if the 12 hour period started at 6 o clock, would it still be 11 times? Many thanks for your help.

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The combustible material at the tip of a safety match sitck is 1 Sulphur 2 Manganese dioxide 3 Phosphorus 4 Antimony sulphide

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