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Which of the following is an alloy of iron?

1 Monel metal

2 Alnico

3 Gun metal Type metal

4 Type metal

Which of the following is an alloy of iron? 1 Monel metal 2 Alnico 3 Gun metal Type metal ..

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(2) Alnico

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Till what age can a judge of a High Court hold the office? 1 58 years 2 60 years 3 62 years 4 65 years

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A team of experts/scientists has invented India?s first cryogenic tunnel. Which one of the following is not related with the uses, benefits and nature of this invention? (A) Cryogenics is the study of very low temperatures (B) The invention will help food processing industry in a big way (C) The invention will also revolutionise software industry (D) The tunnel consumes less electricity

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Which country is nearest to the South Pole? (a) Australia (b) New Zealand (c) Chile (d) South Africa

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The 19th International Ramayana Conference was held in April 2003 in Lusaka, which is the capital of 1 Nigeria 2 Morocco 3 Zambia 4 Namibia

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Mula is the hybrid of 1 Male horse and mare 2 Female horse and female donkey 3 Male horse and female zebra 4 Female horse and male zebra

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Which of the following metals was not known to the Indus people? (A) Tin (B) Copper (C) Iron (D) Lead

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All acids essentially contain 1 Oxygen 2 Hydrogen 3 Nitrogen 4 Chlorine

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The term ?Fourth Estate? refers to 1 Under-Developed State 2 Parliament 3 Judiciary 4 Press

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Name the first Arabic writer to be awarded Nobel Prize for Literature? (a) Salman Rushdie (b) Gen Gaddafi (c) Yasser Ararat (d) Naguib Mah Fouz

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The African leader who held the heavy-weight boxing title in his own country for nine years and later rose to become the President of his country is: (a) Robert Mugabe (b) Idi Amin (c) Kenneth Kaunda (d) Nelson Mandela

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Which of the following Indian companies was recently listed in the New York Stock Exchange? 1 IDBI 2 IFCI 3 SIDBI 4 None of these

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The region between 50N and 50S is referred to as: (a) doldrums (b) horse latitudes (c) westerlies

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