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Amitabh Bachchan endorses…(Financial institution).

1 C




Amitabh Bachchan endorses…(Financial institution). 1 C 2 IDBI 3 HDFC 4 GTB..

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(1) President

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

India has signed an agreement to purchase Admiral Gorshkov from Russia. This is a/an (a) Submarine (b) Aircraft carrier (c) Gun (d) Tank

1 Answers  

Who amongst the following the Director of the film ?Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar?? 1 Gulzar 2 Shyam Bengal 3 Shabana Azami 4 Jabbar Patel

1 Answers  

The highest dam in India is: (A) Krishnasagar Dam (B) Bhakra Dam (C) Pandoh Dam (D) Hirakud Dam

10 Answers  

Narendra-I is the name of: (1) A mythical kind (2) Satellite (3) A new variety of rice (4) A jute variety

1 Answers  

Which one of the following statements is not correct? 1 No amendment can be proposed to an Appropriation Bill in either House of Parliament 2 No money shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of India except under appropriation made be an Appropriation Act 3 Unlike other Bills, the Finance Bill needs to be passed by the Lok Sabha only 4 The finance Bill can be introduced only on the recommendation of the President of India

1 Answers  

. Which of the following is/are among the functions of the Election Commission of India? 1. Conduct of election for the posts of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha and the Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha 2. Conduct of election to the Corporations and Municipalities 3. Deciding on all doubts and disputes arising out of elections Select the correct answer from the codes given below: Codes: (a) 1 and 2 (b) 1 and 3 (c) 2 and 3 (d) None

3 Answers  

Heart attack occurs due to 1 Bacterial attack on the heart 2 Stopping of heart beat 3 Lack of blood supply to the heart itself 4 None of these

1 Answers  

Who wrote 101 ways to Look Your Best? (A) Ritu Beri (B) Madhuri Dixit (C) Shahnaaz Hussain (D) Karishma Kapoor

1 Answers  

Official languages of the UNO are: (a) English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish (b) English and French (c) English, Chinese, French and Russian (d) English, Hindi, Chinese and Russian

1 Answers  

How many bones are there in human body? 1 180 2 198 3 206 4 210

3 Answers  

?Bottle neck inflation? means 1 No rise in prices despite increase in aggregate demand 2 Rise in prices without increase in aggregate demand 3 Decline in prices due to increase in aggregate demand 4 None of these

4 Answers   SPSC,

For securing home rule for Indians Mrs. Annie bezant started Home Rule Movement in: (a) 1905 (b) 1916 (c) 1911 (d) 1906

2 Answers