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The first synthetic fiber made by man was

1 Rayon

2 Nylon

3 Polyester

4 Terycott

The first synthetic fiber made by man was 1 Rayon 2 Nylon 3 Polyester 4 Terycott..

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(1) Rayon

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How often the Finance Commission is constituted in India? (a) Only once (b) Once every year (c) After every 5 years (d) After every 10 years

6 Answers   IBPS,

Which country will be organizing Olympic Games in 2008? 1 USA 2 South Korea 3 China 4 France

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Right to Equality has been granted under Articles (a) 29 to 30 (b) 24 to 26 (c) 19 to 22 (d) 14 to 18

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?Kalidas Samman? is conferred on distinguished personalities associated with the field of 1 Sports 2 Science & Technology 3 Music 4 None of these

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Tropic of Cancer passes through: (a) Orissa (b) Bihar (c) Uttar Pradesh (d) Andhra Pradesh

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What will be the max. salary for multitasking staff in pay band 5200-20200 with grade pay 1800.

0 Answers   Wipro,

The Eight SAARC Summit Meeting was held in (1) New Delhi (2) Dhaka (3) Katmandu (4) Maldives

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The earliest Hindus were divided into ??? Varnas. (a) Two (b) Four (c) Six (d) Eight

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Deficiency of which vitamin results in inflammation of skin and eczema along with diarrhoea? (a) Ascorbic acid (b) Folic acid (c) Nicotinic acid (d) Pantothenic acid

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. Who trained Chandragupta Maurya? (a) Buddha (b) Mahavira (c) Kautilya (d) Nanda kind

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how to prepare general studies part for rbi grade B officers post? please specify the required books???

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‘Economic justice’ as one of the objectives of the Indian Constitution has been provided in the ? a) Preamble and Fundamental Rights b) Preamble and Directive Principles c) Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles d) Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles

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