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The largest petroleum exporting country of Africa is

1 Libya

2 Algeria

3 Nigeria

4 Egypt

The largest petroleum exporting country of Africa is 1 Libya 2 Algeria 3 Nigeria 4 Egypt..

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(3) Nigeria

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The foodgrain production during the year 2003-04 is expected to be at the level of approximately 1 100 million tons 2 150 million tons 3 200 million tons 4 Between 200 to 250 million tons

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Who is the main God in the Rig Veda 1. Agni 2 Indra 3. Pashupati 4. Surya

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A good coal should have high (1) Moisture content (2) Ash content (3) Volatile matter (4) Fixed carbon

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When was the League of Nations formed? (a) 1914 (b) 1920 (c) 1935 (d) 1945

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In which of the following areas the evergreen variety of the tropical rain forests are found? (a) Western ghats (b) Assam (c) West Bengal (d) Orissa (e) All of these

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The immediate cause of the beginning of the Militant Nationalist Movement was the : (a) recognition of the true nature of British rule (b) growth of self-respect and self-confidence (c) international influences (d) partition of Bengal

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The most important cause of the French Revolution was: (a) discontent of the people (b) heavy taxation (c) revolutionary ideas (d) extravagant nobility

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Estrogens are secreted by 1 Follicle cells 2 Ovary 3 Germinal epithelium 4 Stroma

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The process by which heat is transferred from one object or part to another is known as: (a) radiation (b) conduction (c) convection

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. In the Gandhara sculptures the preaching mudra associated with the Budha’s First Sermon at Sarnath is (a) Abhaya (b) Dhyana (c) Dharmachakra (d) Bhumisparsa

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What is the name of the capital of Canada? 1 Canberra 2 Vienna 3 Ottawa 4 Havana

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The fuel which is burning inside the Sun is (1) Coal (2) Uranium (3) Oxygen (4) Hydrogen

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